7 Tips to Eliminate Sense Sleepiness While Working

Tips to Eliminate Sense Sleepiness While Working
Tips to Eliminate Sense Sleepiness While Working. Drowsiness does not recognize the time and place. Whenever and wherever located, sleepiness can strike anyone at any time. As often happens when you are in the office while working. During working hours or important meeting, sleepiness can strike you at any time, automatically it will affect your performance at work.

It is based on a survey that has been done. Surely it would be very embarrassing if you are caught sleeping during working hours, the severity if you're in a meeting room that matters. As one employee you would be in demand to high concentrations being in the office, especially if your profession with regard to things that have demands to focus as a driver, doctor, pilot, machinist, and so on. Therefore, if you are not up to the job as a result of the focus of drowsiness that comes, then the consequences will be fatal for others around you.

For those of you who often experience excessive sleepiness is now no need to worry anymore, because there are a few tips from us to eliminate sleepiness that attack your activities.

1. Consumption of Caffeine

Prepare drinks that have caffeine levels were, among others, tea, coffee, or instant energy drinks can increase the body's production of adrenaline. Why should choose caffeinated beverages, because caffeine can inhibit drowsiness-causing chemicals. However, caffeine consumption should also wear appropriate dose and not the recommended redundant. Caffeine intake should be no more than 200mg per day or the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee, it's recommended by the experts.

2. Snacking

Provide always a snack as your friend while doing the job. Surely find a snack that is healthy for the body and low in calories. Snacking is also included as one of the "drug" relieving drowsiness. Snack that has a high protein content can stimulate orexin cells in the human brain that transmit electrical impulses, so as to eliminate sleepiness. It will make people stay awake and alert. On the contrary, if you choose a snack that contains carbohydrates, it will cause drowsiness because it will very quickly increase and decrease blood sugar levels.

3. Sunlight enough

For those of you who feel less exposed to sun exposure are more likely to be attacked by drowsiness. Make sure the workspace or workplace to get enough sunlight to avoid drowsiness while working.

4. Listen to music

Working with listening to music can also restore your mood and restore the level of concentration when drowsiness began to come. This is consistent with the results of a study in Taiwan who discovered that the human brain tends to have a high concentration level when listening to music.

5. Consult doctor

If sleepiness you do not go away with a few tips that you have to try. It could be sleepiness is a sign of your health disorders such as sleep apnea or anemia. Therefore immediately consult with your doctor about the complaint in a natural, that can be prevented as early as possible.

6. Inhaling a particular scent

Try to inhale the scent of certain aroma in value because it is very effective to restore the power of concentration. There is a miraculous scents that can eliminate sleepiness such as chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, and the smell of peppermint cuku effective to prevent eye remains in a state of "on".

7. Sports and regular sleep

With exercise like jogging in the morning before work, will make your body look more fresh and fit, so it will feel excited when performing work activities. Not just exercising alone, but getting enough sleep regularly and avoid name stay up, will help minimize the risk of attacking sleepy during working hours.

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