Heart Function

Heart Function
When the atrium contracts, the ventricle relaxes and it occurs conversely. Atrium contraction is generated by nerve Stimmation accepted by Keith-Flack node and spread out to Weinchebah nerves. Ventricular contraction is caused by the stimulation accepted by Tawara node and passed on to His bundle node.

The right and left atriums relax to accept blood from vein at the same time. The right atrium receives blood from the two vena cava, while left atrium receives blood from pulmonary vein. The two atriums then contract thorougth to push the blood into the relaxed ventricle. After resting for a While, the two ventricles contract to push the blood into aorta and pulmonary artery.

The reverse flow of blood into atn'um is prevented by the closing of mcuspid and bicuspid valves creating sound of "lab". After fully contracting, the ventricle will relax. While relaxing, the reverse ├▒ow of blood into ventricle within the artery is prevented by the closing of semi lunar valve creating the sound of "dub".

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