Digestive System in Ruminantia

Digestive System in Ruminantia
Digestive System in Ruminantia - Ruminantia is a group of mammals that chew back the bolus. This group of animal depends very much on the bacteria of cellulose decomposer in stomach to break down cellulose.The stomach of ruminantia comprises of four sections, rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum.

The process of digestion in ruminantia is as follows. Food is chewed by molar teeth in mouth, and then it is pushed down into rumen through esophagus. In rumen, the food is broken down by anaerobic bacteria into bolus and transferred to reticulum in order to be digested chemically into smaller bolus. The bolus is then propeled up into the mouth to be chewed again by molar. The food is expelled back down into omasum to be digested. The digesta is transferred to abomasum to be digested chemically with enzyme produced by bacteria At the end, nutrients resulted from of the process is absorbed by small intestine and distributed by blood throughout the body.

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