Factors that Influence Plant Regeneration by Tissue Culture

Some factors that influence plant regeneration by tissue culture technique are as follows.

a. Explant
Explant is a part of plant used as early material in plant propagation, such as young shoot, young stem, young leaf, cotyledon, anther, or embryo. The important factors in explant are genotype, explant age, site on branch, and sex (male/female).

b. Growth Medium 
Medium to grow celVexplant of plant basically contains macro nutrient, micro nutrient, and sugar as carbon source. Moreover, culture medium also contains iron, vitamin, mineral, and growth regulator hormone. The examples of tissue culture medium are Murashige and Skoog (MS), Woody Plant Medium (WPM), Knop, Knudson-C, Anderson, and so forth. MS medium is the most common used medium.

c. Growth Regulator Hormone 
Growth regulator hormone has great role in directing plant cell growth. The correct combination of growth regulator hormone results in optimum cell growth. The growth regulator hormones that are often used are group of a urin, such as Indole Acetic Acid (IAA), Napthalene Acetic Acid (NAA), 2,4-D, CPA, and IBA, group of cytokinin, such as Kinetin, Benziladenin (BA), 21-P Zeatin, Thidiazuron, and PBA, group of giberelin, such as GA3, and group of growth retardant, such as Ancy midol, Paclobutrazol, TIBA, and CCC.

d. Growth Environment 
Growth environments that can influence plant regeneration include temperature, light intensity, light quality, and the size of culture dish.

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